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Corporate Grooming – Business Etiquette and Executive Presence:
  • Business body language and posture – Art of sitting, standing and walking.
  • Conduct expected at a work place.
  • Effective introductions and greetings.
  • The handshake – the correct way of doing it.
  • Exchange of business cards.
  • Work place civilities. General office courtesies
  • Meetings. Board Rooms. Conferences.
  • Seating protocol – placing people correctly.
  • Etiquette related to business entertaining and gifting.
  • Protocol in business related social engagements.
  • Off site and office parties.
Target – To understand the importance of creating a positive impression. The result of a successful projection will always be positive as the effect ripples to all areas of the business and our clients are satisfied both personally and financially.

Power Dressing - Business Attire and Style Management:

  • Power dressing.
  • Current trends in Indian and international business dressing.
  • Appropriate attire for conferences, formal and informal business meetings.
  • Dressing for business related social events.
  • Protocol vis-à-vis business dress decorum in India and abroad.
  • The art of dressing with taste.
  • Use of appropriate accessories – scarves, ties, belts, shoes, bags, briefcases, jewellery etc.
  • Personal hygiene – skincare, hair care, after shaves, eau de toilettes’ and colognes
  • Make up, hairstyles and Saree draping for ladies – (optional)
Target - To be able to stay ahead of the competition with a dynamic and up-to-date appearance. To enjoy increased confidence from looking you’re best. To enhance the Corporate and Social Image through dressing - how you look and feel will greatly determine how you succeed in the marketplace.
Business Communication and Conversation Skills:
  • Enhancing verbal and non verbal communication skills
  • Pronunciation and speech
  • Voice and breath modulation
  • Various exercises to polish enunciation and pronunciations of commonly mispronounced words
  • Interpersonal communication and rapport building
  • Asking questions and identifying needs
  • Barriers to communications
  • Conversation topics
  • Effective listening
  • Telephone etiquette - Voice mail, mobile phone manners, speaker phone etiquette
  • Email – Net etiquette
  • Video conferencing etiquette
Target – To enhance interpersonal communication skills in English. Communication and presentation are often described as the most desirable quality in any employee and is crucial to our success. After the program, participants invariably experience a new sense of confidence in building better business relationships.
Presentation Skills:
  • Creating personal presence
  • Delivering captivating presentations with ease
  • Discussion on how the speech pattern, diction and body language can be
  • improved upon to make a dynamic presentation
  • Self assessment and brief introduction of each individual
  • Identifying individual areas that need improvement.
  • Organizing content
  • Eliminating monotone and boredom
  • Controlling question and answer sessions
  • Eliminating "Overkill"
  • Controlling nervousness
  • Understanding your audience
  • Effective use of visual aids
  • Stagecraft techniques
  • Stage management
  • Microphone mastery
Target - The aim of this workshop is to provide you with the skills to deliver audience-centered, persuasive, purposeful and powerful oral presentations. More importantly, these skills will enhance both your image and reputation as the presenter, and that of the organization which you represent. As part of this workshop, you will receive detailed and personalized feedback from the facilitator.
Fine Dining and Table Etiquette:
  • Formal, multi course, sit-down dinners – protocol and procedures.
  • Place settings & Dinner placements.
  • Buffet meals – the dos’ and don’ts’ of it.
  • Use of crockery, cutlery, glassware, napkins, at formal and informal meals.
  • Eating etiquette - practical session on eating with forks, knives, spoons, chopsticks & bowls.
  • Finger foods – food that should be eaten with fingers.
  • Eating Indian meals and etiquette related to it.
  • Food habits in western countries
  • Information on different foodstuff.
  • Body language at the dining table
  • Beverages – classification of alcoholic beverages. How they are served, and when and with what foods they are served.
  • Toasting and protocol related to very formal invites.

*(Followed by a practical session with either lunch or dinner in a fine dining setting)

Target - To be fully conversant with Food and Etiquette related to Fine Dining and to handle yourself with confidence, style and world class. To make your guests feel more comfortable and help business to be conducted in a more successful manner in any dining situation.
The Global Ambassador - Cross Cultural Sensitivity and International Business Etiquette:
  • Importance of International Manners & Etiquette
  • Country specific information on the do’s and don’ts of business etiquette.
  • The Global Ambassador – Appearance, Public behavior and communication.
  • Art of Conversation in a social gathering, with Asians, Europeans, Americans, Africans
  • When a Director or a CEO visits overseas-Etiquette related to specific countries.
  • Dealing with a VIP
  • Faux pas and other situations
Target - Understanding the uniqueness of cultures around the world and how to apply the skills of cultural understanding to become more successful in the global business environment.
Wine Appreciation:
  • The study of wines.
  • Types of grapes and the classification of wine
  • Regions of the world
  • Tasting, storing and serving wine
  • Opening a bottle of wine and champagne
  • Reading a wine label
  • Glassware and accessories
  • When and what foods they are served with.
Target - To be fully conversant with wines and the etiquette related to their pairing with foods - a combination that leaves behind unforgettable flavours. To handle yourself with confidence and style and dazzle your friends, business associates and guests

Additional specialized modules –

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Crowning the Customer – How to become a Customer Service Superstar:

• How to always communicate a positive, friendly, “ready to help” attitude to customers

• Communication that works

• The Complaint - How to control It

• How to handle angry customers with diplomacy and tact

• Remaining calm - Not over-reacting

• How to spot opportunities for turning an unhappy customer into a repeat customer

• Creating satisfaction from dissatisfaction

• Personal development- Creating an action plan


Target - This special one-day workshop gives you the skills to become an expert in your company’s goods and services … a master diplomat when dealing with angry customers … a PR pro when representing your company … a personal consultant tuned into each customer’s needs … and a saint who never becomes defensive or discourteous in your business dealings. At the end of this training course trainees will be able to view customer complaints as opportunities, identify problems that prompt complaints, handle complaints effectively, and satisfy customers who complain.

Executive Coaching and Mentoring:

Studies by Harvard, Stanford, and Carnegie Research Foundation indicate that 85% of a person’s professional success is attributed to their social skills, or polish, and only 15% is attributed to their technical ability.

Today with India being a prominent Global entity, huge MNCs and large fortune 500 companies have set up base here. It is therefore very important for key management personnel and decision makers of the organization to be well groomed, have the necessary etiquette and manners and present themselves confidently as they represent the company and are the face of the organization.

We provide one to one, individual and mutually designed coaching and private mentoring sessions for top brass, CXO positions, key management, CEOs, Directors etc. on everything related to grooming, etiquette, communication and image management. It is a customized and holistic development process that is aimed at inspiring executive leaders to make behavioral changes for optimized harmonious outcomes.

Finishing School - Personal Branding and Social Enhancement:

If you'd like to fine tune your social skills, enrich your personal and professional life and turn possible fear into confidence, then this may be a very valuable course for you.

The objective of this workshop is to augment the self- image, vibrancy and personal style of youngsters to international standards. To help them understand courtesies and social skills and thereby enhance their image through charm, chivalry and manners.

The participants will be taught to groom themselves for success by developing a wholesome total image in order to have the winning edge and create a lasting impression. Particular care is taken over their personal appearance, etiquette, body language and protocol.

The Luxury Universe - Talk on Indian Wealth and a peek into the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous:

The objective of this workshop is for sales managers of the luxury goods market to understand what luxury is all about and get an insight into the lifestyle of a high-net-worth individual or an elite customer. There will be a talk on some trends in terms of where the wealthy are spending their money, the latest luxury brands in India, classic luxury goods, haute couture clothing, accessories, luggage, exotic automobiles, luxury hotels, butlers, prestigious sporting and social events, art collections, popular luxury destinations, cigar culture, wines and fine spirits, perfumes and transportation like limousines, private jets, yachts etc

Leadership Coaching and Personality Development:

Today's leader works under constant pressures to meet his targets and perform his job functions. This leaves little time for him to examine his own self, style of leadership and develop new skills and approaches to add to his emotional intelligence that can have far reaching effects on his team and the organization.

Leaders with the proper coaching can motivate direct reports and work with both bosses and peers in a manner that reduces friction and enhances productivity. The experiential activities and the discussions during the coaching will create a platform for the participants to review their internal functioning and identify areas to improve or strengthen.

Our coaches build on strengths and identify opportunities for you to unleash your personal power and to lead with confidence. And because our programmes are both personal and contextual, we ensure that individuals’ talent is aligned with the organization’s objectives.

Train The Trainer:

Is Training your passion? Training is not a profession – it is a calling. The heart of a trainer has to be filled with passion and commitment as the position of a Facilitator comes great responsibilities. If training is what you do or wish to do and it is your calling then it is with great pleasure that we offer a few select persons the Train- The-Trainer course. In this course Suneeta will teach the trainer how to be an effective trainer, know their subject, and be well organized and a clear presenter. The Train-The-Trainer workshop will give potential trainers tools to help them create and deliver engaging and compelling trainings. She prepares new trainers with critical training skills and introduces seasoned practitioners to the latest techniques for delivering powerful training.

Skills such as facilitating, needs analyses, understanding participant’s needs, and managing tough topics will give the trainees what they need to become exceptional trainers. They will also learn how to motivate, coach, mentor, facilitate and create an interest for the participants. Suneeta’s TTT is a practical, well-structured course with extremely useful course material. She teaches mastery in conducting interactive sessions and handling difficult participants and situations. You will learn how to get the best from all participants, various training methodologies and using humor, ice-breakers, games and stories to create interest.

Suneeta’s TTT programme is designed to meet the needs of your future clients and to position you for success. The personal development and growth you will experience through the training will give you the skills to enhance your life as you impact others’. Assisting others to become their personal and professional best self is very rewarding both financially and emotionally

Media Training Skills:

Our media training courses helps spokespeople understand what print journalists and TV / electronic media are looking for and to be able to respond articulately.

We teach techniques that allow participants to manage press media interviews by developing interview skills and awareness of how to engage with journalists and solicit information that helps participants prepare and deliver key messages effectively.

Running a press conference is a fine art: done well they are invaluable, done poorly they can be counter-productive and a waste of resource. We understands press conferences from both sides - the journalist's as well as the organizers - and can show how they can be run and organized to the benefit of both parties.

Using video recordings we show participants how mistakes can be avoided and how simple positive thinking tactics can make it possible for even nervous performers to become relaxed and assured.

  • An observation and analysis of a typical day will be done by the trainer before commencing to evaluate what the client wants and needs, and to ensure that the progress is in line with their personal style expression and lifestyle.
  • All or only a few of the above topics / subjects will be prepared into a customized programme that is most relevant to your company and staff.
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