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"Grooming" is a vast term and encompasses several aspects of one’s being. I am in a position to offer you the best path for the progress you desire. Polished professionals are the most valuable asset for any organization. They are among the most cost effective methods for a business to generate positive public relations. Individual’s soft skills, Leadership presence and knowledge of the proper etiquette for any business and social situation will allow concentration on the business at hand and not on their behavior.

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Etiquette, Poise and Grooming make an immense difference to your personal success. These training programmes are designed by me to give you an advantage, which is so necessary to excel in the highly competitive work culture we all face today. The information you will be exposed to here will give you the confidence to conduct yourself with flair in relevant situations.


My Corporate Grooming Courses are Targeted To: -

  • Creating Positive Impressions and Personal Presence
  • Learning Courtesies and Social Skills of the Business World
  • Maintaining Conversations and Confident Interactions - The art of meeting, greetings and introductions
  • Understanding Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Skills during Business Networking
  • Enhancing Workplace Civilities and General Office Courtesies – Success and Politeness Indicators
  • Learning the Art of how to Influence People - Speaking with charm and leaving the listener enthralled
  • Learning how to deliver Captivating and Dynamic Presentations with ease
  • Acquiring Cross Cultural International Business Etiquette skills on a global platform
  • Enhancing Corporate and Social Image through Dress Codes and Style Management
  • Learning Grooming Basics and Personal Hygiene Management
  • Demystifying Table Manners, Fine Dining and Wine Appreciation








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