Corporate Grooming, Executive Presence, International Business Etiquette, Cross Cultural Communication, Fine Dining and Wine Appreciation - Trainer, Mentor, Coach, Resource and Facilitator

Corporate Grooming

Virtual Presence and Video Conferencing Etiquette: +
Business Etiquette and Executive Presence: +
The Art of Networking: +
Crafting Brand YOU - Personal Branding: +
Power Dressing - Business Attire and Style Management: +
Fine Dining and Table Etiquette: +
Vocal Branding and Articulation:+
Business Communication and Conversation Skills: +
Impactful Business English for Written Communication: +
Workplace Civilities: +
The Global Ambassador - Cross Cultural Sensitivity and International Business Travel Etiquette: +
Advanced Presentation Skills: +
The Luxury Universe - Talk on Indian Wealth and a peek into the Lifestyle of the Rich & Famous +
Golf Basics: +
Telephone and Electronic Etiquette: +
Netiquette – Email, Social Media and Text / Chat Manners: +
Meeting Management and Board Room Etiquette: +
Be Fabulous – Personal Branding and Styling for Ladies: +
Emotional Intelligence - The EQ-EDGE: +


  • An observation and analysis of a typical day will be done by the trainer before commencing to evaluate what the client wants and needs, and to ensure that the progress is in line with their personal style expression and lifestyle.
  • All or only a few of the above topics / subjects will be prepared into a customized programme that is most relevant to your company and staff.








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