Corporate Grooming, Executive Presence, International Business Etiquette, Cross Cultural Communication, Fine Dining and Wine Appreciation - Trainer, Mentor, Coach, Resource and Facilitator

Specialized modules

Train The Trainer: +
Executive Coaching and Private Mentoring: +
Finishing School - Social Enhancement Etiquette: +
Golf Clinic: A day on the golf course +
Crowning the Customer – How to become a Customer Service Superstar: +
Smart Salesmanship: +
The Art of Influencing People: +
Leadership Coaching and Personality Development: +
Interview Skills: +
Media Training Skills – How to face a TV / Radio / Print Interview: +
Wardrobe Analysis and Personal Shopping: +


  • An observation and analysis of a typical day will be done by the trainer before commencing to evaluate what the client wants and needs, and to ensure that the progress is in line with their personal style expression and lifestyle.
  • All or only a few of the above topics / subjects will be prepared into a customized programme that is most relevant to your company and staff.








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